We are the only organization specializing in whistleblowing within the mobile phone industry, and the only international organization that brings together legal professionals and investigators to act upon evidence of industry misconduct. We have expert knowledge of the mobile phone industry – the leading players, key technical issues, research on health risks, and the latest industry developments.

    We provide expert, personal assistance to people who have inside information about the industry – with a particular focus on the health risks of mobile phone radiation.

    If you have information about fraud, deception, corruption or other misconduct within the mobile industry or associated industries, we can help. Of particular importance is evidence that companies are:

• giving false information to consumers about radiation emissions

• manipulating Specific Absorbed Rate (SAR) testing of phones

misrepresenting research on the health risks of mobile phones
concealing evidence that mobile phones are unsafe

• designing phones without adequate safety measures



    Any information or evidence you send us will be expertly and discretely investigated. We have an international network of attorneys, investigators, journalists and activists who will ensure your information leads to positive results – including legal action against violators, improved protections for consumers, and needed reforms of the industry. We have a long record of turning evidence into productive action.

    We will protect your identity from any exposure and – if you work within the mobile industry – we can help protect you from retaliation. We will treat your case with the highest level of the professionalism, patience, discretion and individual attention. If you have inside information, we strongly recommend that you call us first – before you contact your employer, the media, the police or any public authority.

Please note:

    Do not send sensitive or classified information in your first communication. We will arrange a secure channel after our first contact. Encrypted communication is available. Please ask for our PGP key.


Mobile Phone Whistleblower Project

A project of Whistleblowing International

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Secure communication available – ask for our PGP key

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