We are the only organization specializing in whistleblowing within the mobile phone industry. We have expert knowledge of the industry, the leading players, key technical and health-related issues, and the latest industry developments.

    We provide expert, personal assistance to people who have inside information about the industry – with a particular focus on the health risks of mobile phone radiation.


    With our many years of experience investigating the mobile phone industry, we have a high level of technical and health knowledge, and industry and company insight. We work with an international team of top scientists, analysts, researchers and activists who track and respond to the latest revelations of health and safety risks.

    We will ensure any information and evidence you send to us will be fully investigated and put into action for the benefit of all mobile phone users.


    ​We engage with decision-makers, public officials and scientific groups toward strengthening regulations to better protect mobile phone users.

    In the past, these regulatory decisions have been made with little or no public oversight, and little or no input from health experts. We are working to reform the system to make it more accountable and transparent.


    We have handled hundreds of sensitive cases over the past 30 years, providing the highest level of confidentiality to whistleblowers. ​We will never share your name or identifying information with anyone without your expressed permission. If one of our legal professionals represents you, all communications will be protected by attorney-client privilege.

    Encrypted communication is available – ask for our PGP key.


​    We work closely with journalists, activists and experts to make sure the latest information on the dangers of mobile phone radiation is made available to the public. Much of this information is highly technical, so we present the facts in plain-spoken language for all people to understand.

    The communications industry, mobile phone companies and government agencies have utilized technical jargon to mask the truth about radiation health hazards. We uncomplicate it.


    We reach out to form alliances with scientists, activists and experts around the world as part of the international campaign to raise awareness of mobile phone risks. This campaign is growing, as more evidence comes to light and people become better informed about these risks.

    We are working to parlay this international collaboration into stronger oversight of the industry.